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NFT Platform set to help combat ocean pollution

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An NFT platform is making waves because its product connects plastic recyclers and producers to collaborate on ocean recovery, here’s more on this development

Plastiks by Nozama

Plastiks was launched in 2012 by Nozama, a London-based sustainability technology company. The company created a marketplace where recyclers worldwide can convert invoice data to NFTs. With this product, every NFT created records its data on the blockchain to ascertain that the represented amount of waste has been recovered.

The idea behind the entire operation by Plastiks is for plastic recyclers, producers, users, and NFT collectors to trade the NFTs. According to Nozama, that’ll help create a new revenue stream for recyclers as plastic recyclers can earn from recovered plastics, further motivating stakeholders to invest in the recovery of single-use plastics.

Fernanda Accorsi, the Marketing Director at Nozama-Plastics, shared the following, “Plastiks exists to give visibility to all the actors involved in the waste management value chain and, at the same time, encourage and compensate them for their important work at each stage.

Plastiks is doing something unique by building a solution that’ll contribute toward helping rid our oceans of single-use plastics while giving recyclers to diversify their sources of income.

It’s not a secret that the recycling business is one of thin margins, and most recyclers barely make ends meet. Still, they keep pushing because they believe in the solution they are trying to deliver.

Gravity Wave

Gravity Wave is a company that creates products made from plastics recovered from the Mediterranean Sea. Over time, the company has done a lot of good with its ocean clean-up drives. Now they incentivize recycling by turning the plastics they recover into valuable items.

Gravity Wave and Plastiks are collaborating on the NFT project, and the companies are involved in each other’s projects. For example, Plastiks is set to join Gravity Wave’s “Plastics Free Ocean” commitment, and by doing this, they’ll be joining over 50 companies involved in this project.

Gravity Wave will use Plastiks NFTs to certify the plastics it recovered during clean-up campaigns. As a step in the right direction, Gravity Wave has shared that it believes that NFTs can be an essential tool to engage with users and motivate the public to believe in the recycling process. Gravity Wave and Plastiks are two companies doing amazing things for the world.

Plastiks-Nozama x Gravity Wave

Plastiks and Gravity Wave have initiated an exciting partnership that involves NFTs. If things go according to plan, this partnership can make our world an excellent and more liveable place.

Gravity Wave is committed to using the funds generated from NFT sales to invest in the recovery of plastics from the sea by expanding its army of plastic fishers across the Mediterranean.Alvaro Garcia, Gravity Wave’s Head of Business Development, shared the following, “Plastiks NFTs are a fantastic way to allow more people and organizations to contribute to the protection of the environment, in this case, the seas and oceans, through a combination of technology, art, and social impact.”

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