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NFT Worlds Genesis Avatars Upcoming Mint Sale! Playable Characters In The Metaverse!

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NFT Worlds is a fully decentralized, fully customizable, community driven, play to earn gaming platform where world owners can create their own limitless metaverse games or experiences for players or exclusive communities within their worlds. NFT Worlds builds open the backbone of Minecraft!

NFT Worlds in one of the 4 biggest metaverses but has the uniqueness of being built on Minecraft servers. The other 3 Metaverses are Otherdeeds by Otherside, Decentraland and Sandbox.

Now they are releasing genesis NFT avatars which will be playable in any NFT Worlds Community! Given the success of the lands this is definitely an NFT to watch! The Avatars come with a lot of utility including the ability to earn $WRLD tokens.

Mint Number: 15,000
Mint Price: 0.4 ETH For Whitelist Spots and Dutch Auction for public starting at 1 Eth
Mint Date: 4th May 2022
Whitelist Spots Available: 10,000 by purchasing WL Genesis Pass

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NOTE: All these view are entirely my own. Anything that I say is purely for entertainment purposes and NOT Financial Advice. Please ensure you understand the risks when purchasing anything.
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