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NFTme (Season One) OFFICIAL TRAILER: NFT TV Series by Tech Talk Media

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NFTme (6×30’) is a new docuseries by Tech Talk Media, created to educate the world on the mind-blowing innovation, digital markets and financial opportunity, immersive environments, and supreme art, creativity, unity and development inside the fast-evolving NFT industry.

NFTme Season one takes you on a deep dive in the NFT, Crypto & Blockchain industry meeting with industry leaders and innovators that are propelling the NFT market forwards.

Since the majority of the global population doesn’t understand NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) or Crypto, the Series showcases this emerging market in an innovative, engaging and educational way, providing vital information and jargon breakdown, as well as meeting with creators and entrepreneurs to hear their story and experience the wonder and excitement from experiencing the content upfront.

Meeting with a wide demographic of creators, innovators, pioneers, thought-leaders and more, NFTme helps to break understand non-user-friendly technology, whilst keeping the viewer engaged and inspired by the immense creativity, innovation, opportunity and change in social behavior that generates inside the space.

Worldwide Television Broadcast will begin in Q2 2022.

Multi Award-Winning Production Team
Executive Producer: Jonny Caplan
Music Design: PNJ Records
Editor: Jason Zucker

Copyright 2022 All Rights Reserved Tech Talk Media LLC. This media is protected by invisible watermarking any copying will be tracked. More info: or



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