NFTs, Crypto, Blockchain & the Metaverse: what marketers need to know

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Several people have asked about my involvement in crypto currencies and NFTs. Some have questioned my sanity, without saying it outright. Others are curious, but evidently mystified by the space. And some frankly don’t care. Their eyes glaze over, so I’ve quickly recognized the visual signs requiring a topic change.

The truth is, I’m involved because the only way to truly learn about something new is to play. There are marketing thought leaders who I respect, who have compelling well justified reasons why all this crypto and NFT stuff is very closely associated with marketing and what will become Web 3.0 – the next iteration of the internet. In fact, many of them have likened this time period we are in to what it was like in the mid 2000’s right before Wed 2.0 websites really took off, along with social media and later mobile apps. The big deal about blockchain as a technology is its decentralized nature, free of government or corporate business control. Likewise, NFTs allow ownership of unique digital assets like art and music, but really anything that could be coded digitally within a smart contract could be an NFT. Event tickets, fractional real estate ownership, the possibilities are endless. For the NFT creators though, the cool thing is the ability to generate income not only through initial sales, but subsequent sales as retained royalties set out in the smart contract, and of course the ability to nurture a community directly without the need for a middle man, such as an art gallery, a record label, or other traditional distributor. The creativity of the utility, or benefits, unlocked with the NFT ownership is also endless – conferences, back stage access, exclusive meet ups to name a few ideas. NFTs really put the power back in the hands of creators. And blockchain as a technology, makes it all possible without being hostage to centralized powers like current social media platforms on Web 2.0

Join me in this video as we take you through the process of understanding crypto, NFTs and blockchain, how to set up a crypto account, connect a hot wallet, creating an Opensea dashboard, buying your first NFT, and what to consider when investing in an artist and a community. We also have a brief look at creator coins over on and how this other new form of crypto is redefining online community building. It’s a wild west, but worth of your attention in this early phase as a marketer.

Check out this detailed post that dives even deeper, and also contains a list of resources and curated podcast episodes to get you up to speed!



Mila doesn’t only cover Blockchain and crypto, but she does focus the bulk of her writing efforts on this emerging technology and how it is impacting not just US markets, but global markets too. From the British Virgin Islands to China, her reporting leaves no global crypto stone unturned. Her tenacity and candid opinions on the impacts of crypto and Blockchain have made her a leading voice in the industry and a top source of truth to the curious masses.

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