Philip K Dick– The Prophet of the Metaverse

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Philip K Dick is a visionary who believed that we were living in a virtual simulation, and publicly stated so as early as 1977. His dozens of books spanning three decades explored many reality-bending themes that are having a resurgence with virtual reality and the metaverse.

This episode is a primer on his career, and the three distinct periods of his career. Anthony Trevino and David Agranoff of the Dickheads Podcast act as your guides.

This episode was originally recorded on May 10, 2021.

The Dickheads Podcast—
Anthony Trevino–
David Agranoff–

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Their mission is to save our dimension from the dystopic fate that befell theirs, and embedded within their episodes are the keys to our survival. They suggest you subscribe to all of their channels as though your existence depended on it—








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