Play To Earn Games 2022 | Genesis NFT Drop | Cyber City NFT

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Play To Earn Games 2022 | Genesis NFT Drop | Cyber City NFT

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Welcome to Our Play To Earn Games 2022 Video!

Play to Earn game with Tokenized Assets and NFT Characters set in the futuristic Endless Megapolis.

In the not so distant future, Cyber City dominates the planet, and corporations run the world.

The game itself is a battle for resources. You’ll need all of them to progress and as it often happens with limited resources – some are scarce and you’ll need to trade and/or fight for them. More details of the structure will be available later.

Cyber ​​City, a new open economy play-to-earn game with tradeable NFT assets, announces the launch of Genesis NFT Whitelist.

These Corporations control all the wealth and resources, leaving the inhabitants of the City in a dire existence.Cyber City Streets are ugly, cruel and dangerous. A perfect environment for the strongest and most cunning to claw their way to the top.

What’s the purpose of a city block?
A city block is used to farm CYBR – core in-game currency. Another means of getting CYBR – is by staking ALM token. City blocks can be attacked and defended by players using their Characters. They can be upgraded as well.

About Cyber ​​City boxes:

Cyber ​​City boxes contain useful NFTs that users will need in the game. Everything the box contains is pre-minted meaning users won’t have to pay for mint, NFTs inside are ready-to-play.
Small Box contains 1 Epic Character, 1 Deadly Weapon, 1 Loyal Companion, and 1 City Block.
Medium Box includes 3 Epic Characters, 3 Deadly Weapons, 3 Loyal Companions, and 3 City Blocks.
The biggest one, Giga Box, includes 5 Epic Characters, 5 Deadly Weapons, 5 Loyal Companions, and 5 City Blocks.

Summay Cyber City:

Cyber City is a new open economy play-to-earn game with tradeable NFT assets. The game is a mix of RPG, strategy, and turn-based combat with many mechanics and mini-games. You can control and fight for territories to farm resources, participate in arena battles, compete in companion races and place bids, trade skins in and out of the game.
You will have several game scenarios to choose from, each with its own achievements. Players can attack and defend city blocks using their characters. You can form gangs, guilds, and alliances by capturing cells, building them up with houses to increase profitability, farm resources, or play for fun. Improving cells and characters leads to the accumulation of the in-game currency CYBR.


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