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RENEGADE Full Squad Gameplay! SUPERIOR by Gala Games! Play to Earn, NFT and Blockchain Gaming!

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Superior Play Test, 03/2022

Squad gameplay, Mission 1-3, Renegade Shotgun Run.

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The world used to be protected by superheroes, but the great have fallen. The world’s superheroes have been transformed into horrible abominations, tormenting and subjugating the people they used to protect.

You’re one of the few remaining humans. You and your group have had it with these monsters who used to be heroes. You’ll need to be superior than the superheroes to stop them. As you mount a resistance, discover your own abilities and use them to battle smarter, stronger, and more effectively. Only by demonstrating that humanity fights back will they be defeated.

You play through dynamically generated missions throughout the game, each with its own set of objectives, adversaries, and environments, so no two missions are ever the same. You’ll get Juice from your defeated adversaries as you finish assignments. This is where their superpowers come from, and it can be used to earn new ones or strengthen old ones. Juice has a lot of different affects. You can opt to improve your physical abilities, such as jumping, melee, and dash, or learn to fire forcefield sawblades from your hands, for example.

You’ll return to the bar in between missions to rest, heal, and replenish your supplies, but there will always be another assignment. In classic roguelite fashion, if you die, you’ll lose everything and have to start over with a completely new run.

Superior will have a diverse cast of characters that may be collected as NFTs. Each character has unique gaming benefits and earning potential, with rarer characters having more talents and earning potential.

A new generation blockchain-based game network, Gala Games is transforming the gaming business by introducing an entirely new way of playing games. A project that includes a number of metaverse and P2E (play to earn) video games. Gala Games is pioneering something entirely new in the gaming industry by granting gamers ownership and control over their games. According to their goal statement, they want to “create blockchain games that people genuinely want to play.” This is a reference to the various blockchain games that are solely focused on incorporating NFTs in some way. A large number of projects are not concerned with providing a high-quality gaming experience. Gala is not producing a single game; instead, they are working on a number of fascinating projects. The blockchain is mostly used for its functionality in these games, and it is placed in the background as a source of entertainment.

NFT Gaming is an emerging market thanks to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency transactions. NFT is the new trend in gaming. It is a game-changing technology that has opened up new opportunities for game developers, players, and game moderators alike. It is not only set to change the way we play games but it will also change the way we think about ownership of digital assets.

In recent years, the video gaming industry has been disrupted by the introduction of new technologies. Now, the emergence of blockchain-based games has led to a new frontier in gaming with many opportunities for developers as well as gamers. Some companies have started using crypto as a means of exchange in their games. Simultaneously, digital currencies have emerged as a new means of payment for virtual goods and services for gamers who don’t want to use fiat money or credit cards.

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens that are unique and cannot be replicated. They can appear in any form and can be used in games, for example, to collect or trade digital items. They’re unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum which have the same value across the board. NFTs in gaming represent something more – they represent a type of ownership. Owning an NFT is often associated with a sense of pride and exclusivity among players who own them.

In recent years, there has been a rise in blockchain games which use NFTs to create digital assets that players can buy, sell or trade on the blockchain. The tokens are stored on a decentralized network meaning they cannot be altered or taken away from players by corporations or other entities without consent from the owner. Blockchains and crypto games are becoming increasingly popular not only because of the financial incentives but also because of the new opportunities for gameplay that they offer.

Web3, also known as web 3.0, is a novel concept. The development of Web 3 is altering the whole landscape of gaming.

P2E is included in all of the games published by GALA games. All games are Free to Play.



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