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Solana Upcoming NFT Project Rug Pull – 5 Red Flags – NFTs not to Buy Now

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DYOR on upcoming Solana NFT Project such as Solminator NFT, The Orcs NFT, Rhthenno NFT, eye guy social club NFT, Savanna NFT, The monkey design club Express NFT, Bad juju devils, Bushido society NFT, Origin wars, crypto monkey NFT, Gojira NFT, Sol Decoder, stoned tigers NFT, dope baby apes NFT, cute quokka NFT, Gojira NFT, metalions NFT, Solana Bees Club … before investing

In this video you’ll understand how to spot the dangers of upcoming Rug Pull NFTs.

A few NFT Rug Pull –
? Big Daddy Ape Club
? Iconics – $140,000
? W3M — $235,000.
? Fake Banksy NFT — $336,000.
? Frosties NFT — $1.3 million.
? Baller Ape Club — $2 million.
? Evolved Apes — $2.7 million.

To report Rug Pull ???
Thanks to Demetris D – papa for the Live recording of Baller Ape club Rug Pull

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This video is for educational purposes only. You’re responsible for your decision making, profit or Loss from investment made to any Projects mentioned or written down here.

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