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Spells of Genesis Drops Askian Door NFT Collection

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It’s Spells of Genesis’ (SoG) 5th anniversary this month. The Swiss Game Studio EverdreamSoft, makers of the SoG fantasy game, have collaborated with Nabiya Studios and created the Askian Door. The Askian Door is a collection of 14 voxelized NFTs including 8 iconic characters like Satoshi the Creator of Blockchain, Sir Ether, and Doge. These NFTs will have the same scarcity ratio as the SoG cards.

The public sale of the Askian Door NFT collection will start on April 13th at 3PM UTC on The Sandbox marketplace. To celebrate the 5th anniversary, EverdreamSoft offers everyone participating in the drop an exclusive access to a new experience on the EverdreamSoft estate, which should be ready by the end of this year. There will also be a giveaway, where the winner will receive the legendary SIACARD, a vintage SoG card from 2017.

SoG is one of the first mobile play-to-earn games on the blockchain where players can build the strongest team and challenge their opponents by collecting, trading, and combining orbs while exploring the fantasy world of Askian. 

Will you be the one walking through the Askian Door with one of the iconic characters?

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