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Tabletop roleplaying games are coming to the blockchain and this is just the beginning – Get on Board.

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GRIPNR Introduces The Glimmering: The World’s Only 5e On-Chain, Play-to-Progress TTRPG Played with Collectible NFT Characters.   

Tabletop roleplaying games are now coming onto the blockchain and it just makes sense. GRIPNR is working to build on the classic TTRPG model by rewarding contributors for their passion, work, and fun.  

Gripnr is a Web3 technology company that fits squarely in the middle of two very passionate communities: tabletop roleplaying games and NFTs. The company’s genesis NFT collection is being released in late spring/early summer and in order to get on the pre-sale list, the project is asking that the community get involved. “Gripnr is focused on building a sustainable community of NFT and gaming enthusiasts. We have many tricks up our sleeve and invite people to get on board and join the ride,” said Brent McCrossen, CEO of Gripnr.

The Glimmering is a full-blown 5th edition (traditional) game just like you would play at your neighbor’s house. The difference is that you can now collect one of 10,000 characters, all with unique traits and attributes. Eventually, these characters and their respective gameplay will all live on the blockchain, but first, you have to collect them.

To get on the pre-sale list, you have to get involved. Check out or follow @the_glimmering on Twitter and #Roll2Mint. 

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