The Problem with Play-to-Earn NFT Games – Axie Infinity

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A documentary titled “Play to Earn” was released last year by crypto consulting firm Emfarsis. The documentary follows several Filipino gamers who share their experiences with an NFT game called Axie Infinity, which was released in 2018. Thanks to the game’s “Play to Earn” model they make a livable wage.

The term “Play to Earn” itself has recently been creeping up to describe certain new games. This isn’t a new way to describe casino games or games that use the steam marketplace. Instead, it describes games that have come about with the rise of Non Fungible Tokens. And while they are still in their relative infancy one game, Axie Infinity, boasted 2 million daily active users at the end of last year with over 1 billion dollars in volume traded. But what is it? How can you make money playing it? And is the game underneath even any good?

Is This Game Really Worth Quitting Your Job To Play? – Axie Infinity

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