Timelapse of the "Cross Earring" creative process ✞ #shorts #nft #nftartwork #nftart #art #timelapse

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Check the whole collection at OpenSea:


The backgroung audio is also original, recorded by me at a rainny night ??️


This collection was 100% hand made by an independent solo artist, and also 100% randomly created (by that I mean there were no conscious references or themes in the process). ???‍? Each piece in it, represents my free mind wandering and wondering. And what’s art if not creation, through letting our subconscious wander and express itself via some variables such as past experiences, culture and emotions.

All the Random Madness Collection art pieces have in their description and properties a little about the fantasy universe of the collection, check them all, build this puzzle and trip with me with your imagination.☠️???‍♂️??‍♂️?

Enough with the crazy stuff (or not), be comfortable to check the pieces, and if you want to talk about any of them, DM me at the @randommadnesscollection (Instagram/tiktok/YouTube/etc)

I’m always open to talk about art.



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