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Metaverse Architects presents: and its subsidiary companies, Metaverse Group and Hulk Labs will have their virtual headquarters located in the tower. The Tower is a multi-level virtual office space and conference center, located in Decentraland’s Crypto Valley. The tower overall represents the physical equivalent of over 28,000 square feet of usable office and event space that can host hundreds of virtual guests. A video of the tower can be viewed on the Youtube page. Tower is located in one of the most prominent neighborhoods in Decentraland.

“The completion of Tower represents a step forward in being one of the only public companies with a permanent presence in the Metaverse. It is a prototype of what we can design and build, not just for ourselves, but for our clients,” commented Andrew Kiguel, CEO of “We are also in the process of signing lease and rental agreements for digital advertising and event hosting in the tower. Our goal is to use the building to generate digital advertising, space rental, and event hosting revenue. Once the tower is leased, we will begin construction of Tower II.”

The tower will be used to generate recurring revenue from three sources. Advertising via digital billboards, office space rental, and event space rental.

In addition, the tower will have two available event spaces. The first venue is located on the ground floor featuring large windows overlooking water fountain features. The second is located on the rooftop overlooking Decentraland’s Crypto Valley, featuring an infinity pool. has received expressions of interest from groups seeking to host events in both of the featured event spaces.

Inquiries for digital advertising or event space rentals should contact [email protected]



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