Top Metaverse Stocks To Buy Today (The Last One MAY Surprise You ?)

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If you’re looking for a way to take advantage of the metaverse by looking for some of the top metaverse stocks or companies with exposure to the metaverse, you’ll want to have a watch of this video. Especially considering the final stock is a top CANADIAN small-cap stock that is making waves in the space.

Finding metaverse stocks to buy is increasingly difficult. Good ones, that is. That is because it’s relatively unknown which companies have exposure to the metaverse right now. We know of the major ones like Roblox stock and Meta (Facebook) stock. But, there are some ones you likely wouldn’t expect, and we cover them in this video.

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Top Metaverse Stocks To Buy Today (The Last One MAY Surprise You ?) Chapters:

00:00 – Introduction
00:33 – What Exactly Is The Metaverse
02:10 – Meta
03:45 – Nike and Adidas
07:15 – Coinbase and Gamestop
11:11 – Roblox and Epic Games
12:46 – Disney
14:57 – Tokens
19:03 – Wrapping It Up



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