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UNDEAD PASTEL CLUB – An affordable community driven NFT project! Don't sleep on this one!

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In this clip from our January 3rd LIVE stream Philip and Morland discuss some of the most NFT hyped projects coming in Q1 of 2022…

What do you get when you combine Mutant Apes with Doodles? Undead Pastel Club! Check out this community driven project…

The Undead Pastel Club is a derivative NFT collection of 9,999 pastel apes with a community focus. Each NFT is algorithmically generated using a combination of over 140 attributes such as hats, eyes, skins and much more!

Launched on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, the Undead Pastel Club aims at offering high-quality art at an affordable price while executing an extensive roadmap. With staking features and Metaverse land acquisition as key parts of our roadmap, the Undead Pastel Club team strives for longevity.

The implementation of a community fund will also allows for future marketing expenses to be covered, which means that the project will still garner attention from the public even after the collection is sold out.


$250,000 in Marketing Budget

ETH & NFT Giveaways on our Socials

Exclusive Pre-Sale discount for Whitelisted Members


Launch of our Merch Collection

Creation of a UPC Token with NFT staking features

Community Fund for future raffles and marketing campaigns

Acquisition of Metaverse Land


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