What Is An NFT? (Beginner’s Guide)

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NFT’s explained…

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I’ve invested almost a million dollars in NFT’s… NFT stands for non-fungible tokens and NFT’s operate on a blockchain.

With regular banks, money can’t be sent and received on days in which the bank isn’t open. Also, banks have restrictions and other rules and regulations about how, where, how much money to send or receive. With crypto currency, one can transfer the money anywhere in the world at anytime, without restriction. Crypto happens on a blockchain, so the public is confirming and denying transactions 24/7. This is publicly recorded, so the miners and nodes can track the money.

With ethereum, one can trade the tokens themselves, or create a smart contract. A popular smart contract is an NFT.

On the consumer side of NFT’s, the NFT isn’t necessarily the picture itself, but is the data that comes with the picture. The data is what has value. Society deems the value of the data, thus describing the differences in price of various NFT’s.

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