What is Metaverse | How will it change our future? Blockchain & NFT | Investing & Life in Metaverse

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What is Metaverse NFT | how will it change our future? – several questions pile up in our minds as it is claimed that Metaverse is the future. One of the largest social media platforms, Facebook, has recently changed its name to Metaverse – a network of 3D virtual worlds claimed to change our futures. Metaverse has surpassed all the popular Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and NFT, despite India being one of the contributors in all.

Our CEO and founder – Mr. Rishikesh Mishra, will explain what is Metaverse NFT and how will it change our future and life. He will tell what is blockchain is and how it perceives it to be a new decentralized way of maintaining records. Similar to Decentraland, a 3D virtual world platform where its users might buy virtual plots of land as NFTs through cryptocurrency, which uses the Ethereum blockchain. You will learn how to invest in Metaverse and why Investing in Metaverse is important.

Moreover, he further explains how a blockchain maintains its records – that is through real-life examples of transferring cryptocurrencies from one person to another – the network used for transferring crypto verifies and stores the data is known as Blockchain. You know there are various cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. You will learn about them and Metaverse, how Bitcoin and Metaverse is related with each other.

With that, you will also get to know about Unique Identifier Number or Alpha-Numeric Number, which is also known as a hash, similar to a PAN card and Aadhar card in real life. However, this network does not include a network of one computer only, but of thousands and lakhs of computers from all over the world, which is not governed or controlled by anyone but us – that is termed as blockchain technology. Metaverse is not made on Blockchain technology but on coding that you will get to know in this video.

Moreover, he will also apprise you of – what network cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others use.

Although, in this, we will particularly emphasize on why Facebook changed its name and why did they think it was necessary? Facebook and Metaverse Connection

One of the reasons behind this big step is that Facebook believes that Metaverse is the future or a new reality and they know how Metaverse will change our future. Metaverse will provide a 3D experience that will allow you to connect with people in real-time from the comfort of your home – it could be talking, watching movies, shopping, working, and more from different places. In a nutshell, it will provide you with a real-time life-like experience.

And Facebook intends to make this a reality by investing billions of dollars to develop the technology in creating Web 3.0 – that will become a necessity of your life in a few years. Metaverse and Web 3.0 will be all together a part of our life and future.

Among the development of Metaverse, NFT is something that can not be ignored considering its vital role, so, here Mr. Rishikesh Mishra will also shed some light on what NFTs are, how they work, and how they are unique and how they will change our life and future like Metaverse.

NFT is an acronym of the Non-Fungible Tokens – which means something which is replaceable. He explains that – before becoming an NFT, it is nothing but a piece of digital art (can be in any form painting, sticker, virtual home, etc.) or can be defined as any form of virtual design or art. Further, it is added to the blockchain network, then the network generates a Unique Identification Number, which makes it NFT. Well, for better understanding, keep on watching our video.

Therefore, if you own an NFT in a virtual world, it will be considered as your virtual asset like you own a car or home, one such example is Bored Ape Monkey (NFT). It is believed that owning luxury items is considered a status symbol in the real-world, likewise, it will be applicable to virtual assets.

Moreover, companies like are developing a platform where you can own virtual land or a land in metaverse. Thereafter, you can consider it a virtual address – where you can create a virtual world, say a virtual house, office, etc.

And as our CEO and founder said, Metaverse (Web 3.0) architect, is the new future, for a better understanding of how Metaverse will change your future, click on the play right now and watch this Metaverse explained video. In this video you will also know about Investing & Life in Metaverse and why metaverse is our future and how it is important for us.

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