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You will get Full NFT Marketplace Sell,Buy, and Resell with Blockchain and NextJS

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OpenSky-Full NFT Marketplace Sell,Buy, and Resell with Blockchain and NextJS
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Full nft marketplace like open-sea with solidity and nextjs (React Js) with Javascript, easy to edit and can edit and deploy it to the main net.

Marketplace includes:
1-connect Wallet
2-Dark and light mode
3-Homepage with show the description of nft marketplace.
4-Top 3 newest Nft items.
4-Create a new nft page with name and description and image and Categories.
5-categories filtration page
6-a purchased page to filter the user log in the item purchased.
7-Resell items That is Buy
8-can Sell any nft from reselling to change its price or save it at your profile
9-single item and related categories items
10-the dashboard that controls the item uploaded and my item sold.

#Standard includes all started
11-profile collection page for all users
12-my profile page
13-add royalties fees for each sell

#Extended Include all Standard and Started
14-Add Custom Token ERC20

Technology used:
Solidity programming language
connect with wallets like metamask
web3 library
React and Next js
Tailwind CSS Framework
IPFS server to upload images in blockchain
will save more than 2 months of working



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