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Young M.A’s NFT Capsule Is Truly For Her Fans. Here’s Why

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Music NFTs are all the rage as of late. Entering the mix is Young M.A, who dropped a capsule on April 19. But in true Young M.A fashion, she took a different approach to her first-ever NFT project.

For one, each NFT is only $20, making it widely accessible to her diehard fanbase. That’s a departure from most artists-focused NFTs that are on the pricier side due to their limitedness. In total, Young M.A dropped five NFT collections with 250 pieces in each — for a total of 1,250. Each of the five collections represents key moments in Young M.A’s career. From first going viral with her Brooklyn Chiraq freestyle to the smashing success of Ooouuu and other highlights.

Moreover, the capsule is exclusive to new NFT marketplace Serenade. The platform prides itself on being eco-friendly in an industry widely criticized for its energy consumption.

The NFT collection is just one way Young M.A is staying connected to her fans these days. She’s also on tour and has continued to invest in non-music products like her adult toy line. Here’s everything we covered in this episode:

0:00 Young M.A Interview Introduction
2:14 Purpose Behind Young M.A’s NFT Drop
9:00 Surprising Price Point For Young M.A’s NFT Capsule
9:52 Young Ma Has Hesitations About The Drop (Honest Talk)
11:08 Prioritizing Long-Term Impact With Business Ventures
12:55 Young Ma’s Relationship With Fame
15:21 How Young Ma Approaches Non-Music Business Ventures
19:38 Partnering With Serenade For The NFT Drop
22:57 Keeping Up With Web 3.0 & Music Industry
26:43 Young M.A Understands Her Place In The Industry



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